Refrigerant Flow Control

Rocky Research has a vast expertise in thermal management with a focus on energy efficiency, developing dynamic solutions for the HVAC&R industry. From overall heating & cooling systems, to flow control valves and operational controls management, our engineers, chemists, scientists, and technicians have the experience and knowledge to develop an HVAC&R solution for you! Areas of expertise in HVAC&R solutions include Aqua-Ammonia Absorption Systems, Operational Controls Development, and Refrigerant Flow Control.

In the area of Refrigerant Flow Control, Rocky Research has developed an advanced thermostatic expansion valve for domestic refrigerators, air conditioners, and automotive applications. The thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) can control evaporator conditions nearly as well as an electronic expansion valve, but at a lower cost and without the need of electrical wiring and harnessing. Specific advantages of Rocky Research’s TXV include: faster pull down to operation conditions, which can also mean a smaller compressor; reduced energy consumption of constant speed compressor systems; optimized operation over a broad range of ambient temperatures than is possible with capillary systems; elimination of capillary plugging problems; avoidance of “hunting” which results in evaporator flooding; and in some cases, a reduction in refrigerant charge. Rocky Research is prepared to provide additional and more specific design information upon request.


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