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Rocky Research has a vast expertise in thermal management with a focus on energy efficiency, developing dynamic solutions for the HVAC&R industry. From overall heating & cooling systems, to flow control valves and operational controls management, our engineers, chemists, scientists, and technicians have the experience and knowledge to develop an HVAC&R solution for you! Areas of expertise in HVAC&R solutions include Aqua-Ammonia Absorption Systems, Operational Controls Development, and Refrigerant Flow Control.

In Operational Controls Development, Rocky Research has a unique capability because our controls development engineers also have extensive experience in heat transfer and thermodynamics; such experience makes Rocky Research well suited to the development of controls for thermal products (such as for the HVAC&R industries). Rocky Research is capable of providing prototypes and limited or full production volumes of control boards for a wide variety of applications including hardware applications, logic and firmware, and analog design. We analyze control goals, process behavior, and packaging constraints, with hardware issues directly driving thermal considerations. For many applications, operational testing over the required range of conditions can be performed in our well-equipped laboratories.

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