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Aqua Ammonia Absorption System

Rocky Research has a vast expertise in thermal management with a focus on energy efficiency, developing dynamic solutions for the HVAC&R industry. From overall heating & cooling systems, to flow control valves and operational controls management, our engineers, chemists, scientists, and technicians have the experience and knowledge to develop an HAVC&R solution for you! Areas of expertise in HVAC&R solutions include Aqua-Ammonia Absorption Systems, Operational Controls Development, and Refrigerant Flow Control.

Aqua-ammonia Absorption Technology utilizes ammonia as the refrigerant and water as the absorbent in natural gas fired absorption air conditioning systems. Ammonia is a much more effective refrigerant than fluorocarbons in terms of heat transfer and cycle thermodynamics. In addition, ammonia has no ozone depletion potential, no global warming potential, and is not harmful to the atmosphere if released in the environment. Aqua-ammonia absorption systems also have fewer moving parts than vapor compression systems and exhibit longer life. Rocky Research’s aqua-ammonia absorption technology is unique in that it includes a true variable speed operation technology, allowing operation at part load capacity without frequent on/off cycling and with the capability of load tracking for optimal operation. Rocky Research has also developed a solution pump with a positive return that is smaller and significantly more energy efficient than conventional pumps. These improvements deliver an absorption chiller with much higher efficiencies. Rocky Research’s heat pump delivers twice the heating capacity of its cooling capacity, and this heat pump has a balance point of 0°F, meaning this heat pump can be used in most sections of the country with no supplemental heating. One interesting potential application for this new technology is waste heat utilization from the exhaust of engines, gas turbines, and high temperature fuel cells. Direct integration with these exhaust effluents is possible in many applications because of the generator’s unique design.

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