We can take the heat…

And disperse it, reuse it, or refocus it. We are Rocky Research, and for more than 30 years, we have been a leader in turning thermal problems into solutions across an incredibly broad range of commercial, industrial, and defense applications. Under our newest TestPro Division of Rocky Research, we can now design and build custom functional test equipment for the automotive, medical, appliance, audio, and computer application markets.

At Rocky Research, our engineers, scientists, and technicians bring together a wealth of expertise—including chemical, mechanical, and electrical knowledge—to design, prototype, and test a wide variety of products and components such as heating, cooling, refrigeration, thermal management, custom test equipment, and custom test platforms.

So if you are feeling the heat, searching for customized engineering services to solve a specific problem or develop a particular product or test platform, cool down with Rocky Research ICE™--Intelligently Cooled Electronics. Our business is the science of solving problems and putting those solutions to work for you.



Corporate Headquarters
Boulder City, NV

Huntsville, AL Facility
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